Module recognition examination board

How to open a module recognition form?

To view a form, go to the menu item "Study planning → Module recognition".

A view opens in which you can select the module recognition form of the respective student from a dropdown menu. Using the search function that opens with the dropdown button, they can find the relevant form by name.


After selecting, click on Modulanerkennung laden (Load module recognition) to open the form.

In the upper part of the form, you will see basic information about the university and the period in which the academic achievements were completed, as well as whether the achievements are from a semester abroad. If you scroll further down, all the modules for which recognition is requested are listed, including the details of the credits taken for them.



The concerned student should have submitted the performance records to you, so that you can check the information in the form on the basis of the records. You should clarify any questions regarding the exact content of a listed course or similar with the student in question personally.






How to process the recognition?

Enter the module grade here (if you want to approve the recognition). If the course work was completed abroad, you must enter the corresponding grade converted into the German grading system in both the Converted grade field and the Module grade field. In addition, you must check the box Recognized by examination board for each recognized module.

If you want to recognize all the modules you have applied for, also check the box approved by the Audit Committee in the upper part and click Save at the very bottom.

If you have approved the application, then the form will appear colored green.

Important: Now you have to send a notification to the examination office so that the approved modules are officially registered in the campus management. To do this, click on the email button:

You will get a predefined email draft which contains all information about the recognition. You can choose to which employees of the examination office and, if applicable, members of the examination board and the International Office the email should be sent. Once you have sent the email, further processing is the responsibility of the Examination Office.