Student List

The Student-List-Tool serves as an overview of the students registered in Whiteboard and in Campus Management for a course as well as for the creation of certificates. You can access it via the left navigation bar of your event page.

A table is displayed in which all registered students are listed. You will also see the students who are only registered on Whiteboard or only on Campus Management.

To display only the students who are not registered in the whiteboard, go to the tab Only in CM. There you can click on the Add students to course site button to add all students who are logged into Campus Management to the Whiteboard site. The requirement for this is that the students have already logged in to the MyCampus software (otherwise they do not exist in the system, if this is not the case, all data except CM registration and matriculation no. will be displayed with a question mark). It is recommended to do this before issuing certificates in order to get more completeness.

You can read how to create certificates in the instructions.