Examination planning

The entire scheduling of examinations in the department must be done via the curriculum system to ensure that there are no conflicts in terms of time and space. This means that each exam must be entered as an appointment in the curriculum system. This applies to both presence and online examinations.

Entering the exam in the exam calendar also facilitates the creation of exam registration items.  

Exam calendar

Under the menu item "Appointments" → " Exam Calendar" you will find an overview of exams that have already been scheduled and approved. When planning an exam, you can check here whether the intended date conflicts with one that has already been booked.

The colored boxes each mark a week, with the green ones representing the lecture period and the light blue ones the lecture-free period of the selected semester. The dark blue boxes represent weeks of the lecture-free period of the previous or following semester.  A checkmark in a box means that exam dates are already set for the corresponding week. By clicking on the respective box you can display these dates.

For information on how to create the date for an exam, see Enter examination dates