Course numbers

Course numbers - logic

The course number is an administrative number of the provider (departments, institutes, groups of lecturers) of a course and does not necessarily have a direct reference to the study regulations. Different providers plan their courses independently of each other.

Course numbers should be unique across semesters. This means that two different courses must not have the same course number, and one course must have the same course number for all semesters.

The assignment of course numbers should be automated within the curriculum system so that uniqueness is also guaranteed when adding new courses.

The logic of the eight-digit course number works as follows:

  • The first two digits identify the department of the course.
  • The third digit identifies the institute.
  • The following three digits represent the course itself or the module to which it belongs. For two related courses of the same module (e.g. lecture and tutorial) this consecutive number is the same.
  • The last two digits indicate the event-form (lecture, exercise, etc.).


Overview of existing conventions of numbers for the event form (the last two digits):


01 : Lecture 12 : Project seminar
02 : Exercise 13 : Practical seminar
04 : Seminar on PC 16 : Research seminar
06 : Seminar classes 19 : Seminar exercise
09 : Advanced seminar 20 : Course
10 : Proseminar 30 : Intership
11 : Seminar 33 : Professional internship