Study regulations import

To import study regulations, go to the menu item "Course Planning→ Study regulations". On this page, click the Import button.

Note: Internet Explorer is not supported. Please use current browsers such as Firefox or Chrome-based browsers.

The following window will open, where you must fill in all data fields:

File to uplead: xls[x] file (Excel file) of the CM mapping of the study regulations (StO).

Page: The CM mappings often consist of several tables. The table number of the StO to be imported must be specified here. For files with only one StO often table/page 2.

Deparment: Determines where the study regulations can be found in the overview and also in module assignments. Also potentially indicates the responsible institute. You can use the search function of the dropdown menu when selecting.


Most common import problems & error messages

Errors that occur when importing a CM image often require a correction in the xls[x] file. It is recommended to use a copy of the file for such corrections.

  • The first cell of the table must start with the word "Prüfungsordnung".
  • Occurs mainly when an incorrect table is selected or the table contains a module offer.
  • Solution: If the table otherwise contains a correct CM mapping: Insert the word "Prüfungsordnung" at the beginning of the first cell.

  • Module from source of supply is missing from the database and is also not present in the current CM mapping.
  • Can likewise occur for focal points and phases.
  • Solution 1: Check for typing errors if necessary! E.g. blank at the end of the cell.
  • Solution 2: Import the CM image that contains the required reference source.

  • Event form with this name does not exist in the database.
  • Solution 1: Check for typing errors.
  • Solution 2: If the new event form is really required and needed in the curriculum system, contact an administrator to enter the event form manually.

  • Unexpected value in cell (18,5), i.e. in row 18, column 5. Can have various causes.
  • E.g. unusual value for ECTS. "15/3" instead of "5" is often only visible in the formula of the cell.
  • Data possibly entered in the wrong column?


Import of revised CM figures

Revised CM figures must be imported again. The assignment is made in the system on the basis of the numbers. In the process, the new data overwrites that of the old CM mapping. However, this does not delete any modules that already exist in the curriculum system, even if they no longer exist in the new version of the CM mapping.

Note: Crossed-out content is treated as normal text.