Curriculum planning

The MVS course planning system is designed to make course planning easier and more efficient.

Since most courses repeat at a certain rhythm across semesters (e.g., every winter semester), it is an unnecessarily time-consuming task to create a new digital representation of the course each time. While data like recommended literature or even certain items in the course description may vary, usually most of the information remains unchanged across semesters.

Therefore, MVS course scheduling is based on templates of courses, known as templates. Only when a course is offered for the first time it needs to be created as a template.

As soon as a template exists, an instance of this template is created in the planning for a semester. This instance initially contains a copy of the data from the associated template, which can, however, be changed by the responsible lecturers and secretaries if required. Instances, therefore, represent the respective course in the corresponding semester.

An overview of the existing templates and instances can be found under the menu item " Course planning" → "Course-oriented schedule".

Here you will see the templates for the respective department on the left and created instances for different semesters on the right. You can set which semesters are to be displayed. By default are displayed the current, the last, and the upcoming semester.

Templates are colored green if they are mandatory courses that have to be offered regularly due to the study regulations. Elective or optional courses are colored yellow if instances exist for them in the selected semesters, otherwise, they are colored white.

Instances are always colored blue.