The whiteboard system is mainly used for teaching management and interaction with students. The data from the curriculum system is regularly synchronized with Whiteboard so that, for example, Whiteboard pages are automatically created for new courses.

The most important whiteboard tools for lecturers

This section provides a brief overview of the most important whiteboard tools for lecturers.

Detailed explanations of each tool can be found in the help menu of the whiteboard system, which you can reach via this link or via the navigation bar in the whiteboard.

Home page tools

When you log into Whiteboard, you will initially be on the Home page (i.e., not on a specific event page). From another Whiteboard page, you can return to the Home page by clicking Home at the very top of the page next to the FU logo.

The tools of the Home page are displayed in the left navigation bar, the Home Tool menu.

The main tools of the Home page are:

  • Membership: to manage your membership in event pages. Depending on whether you are a lecturer responsible for the course or not, you have the role Lecturer or another one (e.g. Student).
  • Teaching load: Here you can enter the necessary information for the accounting of the teaching load. Instruction Teaching load tool
  • Office hours: To arrange office hours with students.


Tools of the event pages

  • Site Info: Main control of an event site with many setting options. E.g. you can manage the whiteboard tools for your event page in the "Manage Tools" tab (Manual Manage Tools MyCampus).
  • Announcements: to create announcements for the participants of a course with integrated email notification.
  • Email: To send emails to all participants or to specific groups (e.g. all tutors).
  • Resources: To provide teaching materials (lecture slides, scripts, ...). It is possible to create a folder structure.
  • Assignments: For organizing assignment creation and submission including deadline, grading function and connection to the Gradebook tool.
  • Gradebook: For creating and grading assessment units (exercise sheets, exams, active participation, ..).
  • Section Info: For managing smaller groups of participants (e.g. tutorials). Note: Sections for accompanying events are usually created automatically and you only have to activate the registration and if the accompanying event is not held by you, assign lecturers/tutors to the sections.
  • Exam Registration: To activate the registration for exam dates. You can find an explanation here.
  • Sign-Up: To arrange appointments with individual students or small groups, e.g. for oral exams and exam reviews.


Important notes

In some tools you can define different access rights for participants/groups of participants. Please be sparing with the assigning of rights, especially those that allow the viewing of grades. For privacy reasons, e.g. tutors should only have access to grades within their tutorials. Assign rights only if absolutely necessary and if possible not globally for the whole event page but only within one tool.

It is recommended to use the newer Gradebook instead of the old Gradebook Classic, as the latter will be removed in the future.