Log in for no FU students

Log in on the Whiteboard for students of TU and HU

In the context of cross-university events, it may happen that students of the Technische Universität Berlin and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have to register for certain courses in the Whiteboard system. Non-FU students have to call a special login link for this, which uses the authentication server of their own university. These links can currently be found in three different places:

Place 1:

Go to the home page of MyCampus. At the top right, under "Quicklinks", there is a menu that contains the login links in the middle:

Menu Direktzugang auf der MyCampus-Startseite

Place 2:

Go to the MyCampus homepage and scroll all the way down. In the dark gray bottom of the page, you will find the options "Login (Technical university of Berlin)" and "Login (Humboldt university of Berlin)" in the middle column. Click on the corresponding link and log in.


Place 3:

On the home page of Whiteboard itself, you can find the links here: