Required steps for maternity protection information:

1. Enter maternity protection details

First of all, you should check whether the risk level for Expectant Mother or Nursing Mother is classified as "green" for a course. You can see this under course planning (LINK) in the respective information on the course instance (eye symbol).

If the course is not classified as "Green", the Maternity Protection Form must be completed. You can access this via the instance of the event in course planning, (LINK). There, click on the pencil icon to enter edit mode and select the Maternity Protection tab.

A maternity protection form must be filled out for each area displayed. This can be accessed via the respective button:


After you have entered all data, please do not forget to save it. Saving is only possible if all mandatory information has been entered! These include the storage of the telephone number of the responsible person as well as a description of the activities of the participants.


2. Save PDF of the maternity protection form

After you have saved your maternity protection information, you will need to download, print, and sign the forms previously completed for each area displayed as PDFs.


3. Save information on maternity protection in the instance

The maternity protection details must now also be confirmed in the instance. You do this by placing the checkmark to confirm in the "Confirm status" field. Finally, you must click the "Save" button to save the changes.

4. Submitting the maternity protection form

The printed and signed PDFs (in 2.) must be submitted to the Student Affairs Officer Sera Renée Zentiks in the Department Administration Office. The event cannot be published until the hazard forms have been submitted.