View deadlines

The deadline tool allows you to easily get an overview of the deadlines in the entire course planning process. You can find the overview under the menu item "Deadlines" and there you can select the department, subject area, and semester for which you want to view the deadlines.

You will be presented with a table of steps to be completed in the curriculum process with descriptions, parties involved, and deadlines. Depending on whether a deadline has already passed, is imminent, or has some time remaining, the fields are colored differently. If the task is a step in the teaching planning process that will be completed on a specific date (e.g. the decision of a committee at a specific meeting), the date of the deadline is displayed without the addition of "until". Under "Options" you can click on the eye button to display the details of the teaching planning step.

By scrolling from left to right, you can see the dates that are further in the future. On a laptop, you can use the touchpad to scroll, on a PC (or if you are working on the laptop with a mouse) use the gray bar below the table.

Manage deadlines

To ensure that the deadlines are updated each semester, the entries must be edited by the department administrators before the start of a new curricular phase (only they have the access rights for this). You can find instructions on how to do this here.