1. Reservation for a specific lecture

Way 1:

To make a reservation for a lecture, go to the menu item "Course Planning → Course-oriented Schedule" in the upper green bar and display the table for your department. Find the course for which you want to make the reservation and click on the house icon in the appropriate instance. You will then be redirected to the reservation page.


Way 2:

Alternatively, you can also access the reservation page in the upper green bar via the menu item "Appointments → Room Reservation". Here you select Reservation for specific lecture. Then you must first enter information about the event and the dates and then click on "Create reservation".

Attention: You can only enter events to which the registered user has rights.



On the booking page, a faculty or campus and a building must be selected and information about time, minimum capacity, etc. must be provided:


Once you have entered all the details, clicking on "Show rooms" in the bottom right-hand corner will display existing rooms:

In the time periods marked in red, the room is already occupied, in the green ones it is still free.

  • You can either select a room for each appointment individually or
  • click on the room name on the left (e.g. Gr. Hörsal/Taku 9) to select the room for all desired dates at once.
  • Next, you have to give the reservation a name and enter the instructor.
  • Finally, click on "Reserve".
  • You will be asked again to confirm the dates.
  • By clicking on the "Submit" button, the reservation process is completed.



2. Reservation without reference to a lecture

Please make reservations without reference to lectures only in absolutely exceptional cases, e.g. in the case of meetings, conferences, one-time special events!

Please note: Room reservations for examinations must never be made without reference to a lecture.

Also note:

So-called "Pseudo lectures" like "Bachelor-, Master- und Promotionskolloquium", "Gremiensitzungen" oder "Sonstige Raumreservierungen" have been added to the system (the exact list/names may vary between faculties), making it possible to create a lecture reference for basically any occasion now.

So before making a reservation without a reference, please check if there isn't a pseudo lecture available to you which you coud use as a reference.

Should a reservation withou a reference still be necessary against all expectations:

Way 1:

In the upper green bar, select the menu item " Appointments → Room Reservation" and then Reservation without reference to lecture.

Way 2: Individual reservations via the map.

The map view can be accessed under the menu item " Appointments → Map" or directly here.

The building, date and, if applicable, time can be selected with via drop-down in the upper right corner.

Green colored rooms are free at the current time, red colored rooms are occupied.

Clicking on the desired room takes you to a detailed time structure of the selected day:


Time slots can be marked or removed with the plus and minus signs. Time slots can only be booked contiguously and at least the end of the reservation period must be in the future.

The created appointments also behave in the same way as in the curriculum. They can be edited via the pencil button and deleted via the trash button. Reservations outside of your own department must be approved and for this reason are initially only created "provisionally".