Module recognition

In order to receive credit for academic achievements from other departments or from foreign universities, a member of the examination board must approve the credit. You can usually find out who to contact specifically on the page of your department or the examination office responsible for you.

Before you have an interview with a member of the examination board, you must complete the online form in the MyCampus software. To do this, go to the home page of the curriculum system and log in (log in at the top right). Then select the module recognition option.








On the Module Recognition page, click Create Recognition. If you have previously started filling out a form, select it from the Saved Module Recognitions list and click Load Module Recognition to continue editing the form.

Enter basic data

Enter the name of the university where you completed the modules to be recognized, your program of study (target course of studies), and select your study regulations (target study regulations)

If you want to have credits earned during a semester abroad recognized, place a checkmark in the I graduated from a foreign semester field.

Load study regulations

Further down the page, you can now select the study regulations for the modules you want to have credited. To do this, enter the appropriate subject area and study regulations, and click on Load study regulations.

Attention: If you would like to have modules from other departments recognized for the Affine Area/Application Area/Supplementary Area/etc. of your study regulations, do not first select a study regulation of the foreign subject area. Instead, look up where these areas can be found within your own department. There are usually two options here:

1. The area for non-subject modules is available for selection as a separate study regulation. In this case, you select this study order. For example, as a mono-bachelor mathematics student, you would select the study regulation "Ergänzungsbereich Mathematik" (supplementary mathematics) for a module that you would like to have credited to the supplementary area.

2. The area for non-subject modules is represented by additional modules within the actual study regulations. In this case, select your regular study regulations and look for the appropriate module in the module list. For example, as a mono-bachelor of computer science, you would select the module "Application Area".

If you cannot find either option for your degree program, then you can search for a corresponding module in non-subject study regulations and add that instead.

For crediting ABV modules, select "General professional skills" as the faculty and subject area and the ABV study regulations that were valid at the time you began your studies.

Select modules and enter data

Once you have loaded the study regulations, you can select the modules suitable for your credit from a list by clicking on the button with the arrow (to the right). To read a description of a module, click on the button with the eye.
For each module you need to provide the data of the course taken at the other university, i.e. fill in the fields Course Name, ECTS Received, Original Grade, and Course Description. If you have taken more than one course and you want them all to count for the same module, click Add additional courses to enter the data for each of them.

In the bottom right corner, you will see the difference in the number of credit hours designated for the module and the number of credit hours you have designated.

If you want to deselect a module, click the button with the left arrow.

Finally, when you have entered the data for all modules to be credited, click Save. The form is now saved in your module recognitions and can also be viewed by the members of the examination board.

Notify the member of the examination board responsible for your module recognition that you have completed the form. It will then be reviewed and either a personal meeting will be held afterward or any follow-up questions will be clarified by email. In any case, you will also need to submit a copy of the documents with your performance records in addition. You can do this by emailing the relevant member of the examination board.

If you want to change something on the form afterward, you can do this as described above by selecting and loading the appropriate form.

You can also download the form as a PDF file. To do this, click on PDF Export.

As soon as the recognition is confirmed by the examination board, the form is colored green and the field Recognized by the examination board is checked. You now do not need to take any further steps, as the examination office will be notified by the examination board and will then enter your recognized modules in Campus Management.