Appointment and room preferences

In order for the scheduler to correctly perform the room reservations for the courses, the appointment data and preferences must be entered for each course instance. To do this, go to the menu item "Course planning → Course-oriented Schedule". Look for the corresponding course instance and click on the green pencil icon.

In the window that opens, go to the Scheduling tab. If the course has accompanying events (e.g. Lecture and PC-based Seminar), you must enter details for both individually. You can switch between main and side events via the corresponding tabs.

General appointment data

In the upper part of the form the data from the template are entered. If they are different for the given semester, make the changes e.g. for Participants/appointment or Block course?.

If you do not understand what the individual fields mean, you can move the pointer to the question marks next to them to get an explanation, or read the explanations in the Help tab.

Room types

Next you have to select the possible room types (lecture hall, seminar room, ...) for the course and the corresponding preferences (strongly preferred, neutral, ...). Please select the preference Mandatory only if the corresponding room type is really indispensable (e.g. lecture hall for a course with more than 100 students).

Please note: If you have selected a room type, the number of matching available rooms will be displayed directly next to it. If it is indicated that no matching room type is available, then you must specify an alternative room type so that the scheduler can include your course in the planning.

To select an alternative room type, click Add.

Important notes for room type selection during limited presence teaching:

Digital Teaching Events

If the course is planned to be taught digitally, select only the Online-Lehre (Online Teaching) room type and set the preference to Required.

Presence events

If the course should definitely take place in presence, specify one or more suitable room types. Then you additionally select the room type Online-Lehre (Online teaching) and set its preference to Prohibited.

Selection of specific rooms

Under certain conditions, you can specify specific rooms as a preference in addition to general room types.

Attention: However, this should only be done in certain cases, otherwise there is a risk that the scheduler cannot find a solution:

1. AG-specific rooms: if your course belongs to an AG whose events are always prioritized to take place in a specific room, you should specify this room instead of a general room type, i.e. leave the room type selection empty and only enter the desired room. Otherwise, specifying a general room type would weaken the priority for the specific room in the scheduler.

2. As a possible alternative of another type: If your event actually requires one or one of several room types, but not many of them are available, you can additionally specify a specific room of a different type as a possible alternative. This gives the scheduler a fallback option if no room of the actually required type can be found. Example: You actually need a lecture hall, because most seminar rooms are too small for the planned event. However, since there are not many lecture halls available, you alternatively specify a specific seminar room that you know is large enough for the event.

To select a specific room, click the Add button under "Select specific room", select the room from the drop-down menu and set a priority.

Event period

In the event period bar, check that the correct period and weeks are marked with checkmarks. (Marked means the event is taking place). To remove or add a check mark, simply click in the appropriate box.

Note: For block events, please do not change the checkmarks here, but select the Block event? field at the top of the form.

Appointment preferences

Series dates

Under Appointment preferences you can specify the preferences for the weekdays and times of the event appointments. Select a preference type in each case on the right side and mark the corresponding fields by clicking.

Please use the restricting preference types sparingly, otherwise the scheduler may fail to find solutions.


Block courses

Specify the start and end dates of the block course, as well as the days of the week on which it will take place.

Important: It is mandatory to specify the days of the week so that the scheduler can schedule correctly. Thus, if a block course is to take place on any day of the week, please check the boxes Mo-Fr accordingly.

To specify your time preferences, select a preference type on the right and mark the corresponding time fields on the left of the table by clicking on them.