Create certificates

Lecturers can create certificates for their students on Whiteboard. To do this, use the Student List tool on the event page.

Tool Menu Student List

In the Student List Tool, the detailed view of the certificate to be created can be accessed via two buttons:

  • By clicking on the "Print" icon within the table, the student's data will be automatically applied to the certificate.
  • If you click on the button "Print certificate" above the table, you have to enter the student's data for the certificate manually (last name, first name, and matriculation number).

Student List contents: Print buttonsThe necessary information can be added or adjusted in the following form:

Print PDF Detail Input Form
















A distinction is made between the following types of certificates:

  • Übungsschein (VL+Ü): to certify the entire course including all accompanying events
  • Seminarschein: to additionally indicate the title of a seminar paper
  • Übungsschein (nur Übung): to certify only one accompanying event (active participation); not the written exam.