Setting the course states

The course instances have states to indicate their current status. In addition, however, the states also determine which of the course data can still be edited or for which unapproved changes can no longer be made. Therefore, it is important to regularly check that all course instances are in the correct state according to the current state of the curriculum and to correct the states if necessary. If the wrong state is set for an instance, it can otherwise happen that someone changes data without knowing that this change can no longer be synchronized into other systems. Therefore, instructors should also be encouraged to keep the states of their course instances up to date.

You can change the status of an instance in the course-oriented long-term schedule via the white button to the right of the pencil symbol (depending on the current status, a different symbol is shown on the button).

An explanation of the meaning of the course states can be found in the Help Center of the MyCampus software. In which stage of the course planning which states should be set is listed in the overview of the course planning process.