List of Lectureships

Under the menu item "Course planning → List of lectureships", you will find an overview of all lectureships for a semester. This list should be checked for completeness. In order for a course to appear in the list of lectureships, this must be marked in the corresponding instance. To do this, go to the editing mode of the instance in the course-oriented schedule by clicking on the pencil icon.

Place a checkmark in the Required lectureship field and click Save. In addition, you should specify whether the lectureship is salaried or non-salaried. If it is a salaried lectureship, it should also be noted from which funds it is financed. This information must be added as a comment to the instance. To do this, click on the yellow comment button in the instance and you can now add the comment.

Subsequently, the lectureship including the comment appears in the list of lectureships.