Seminar Integer Programming (Winter 2020/21)


General Information

This seminar is intended for prospective master students in the area of integer programming or more generally discrete optimization. The seminar will be a block seminar: There will be three meetings:
  1. Topic Assignment: The first meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, at 12 c.t. As no external visitors are allowed at ZIB, the meeting will take place online via WebEx (Link).
  2. Kick-off: The second meeting features 5-minute presentations by all students on their topic.
  3. Block Seminar: The full seminar talks (45 minutes) will be given on one or two consecutive days towards the end of the semester.

We will distribute all further information, in particular the WebEx links, via e-mail. Please make sure that you are reachable by the same address as in the Student list Whiteboard section of this course.

It is required to hand in a summary on your topic before giving your talk. The final grade is composed of that summary (40%) and of course the seminar talk (60%). Detailed instructions will be communicated by e-mail.



The papers are available in the Resources section.

# Paper Student Advisor
1 The Benders Decomposition Algorithm: A Literature Review Sarah Burchert NL
2 Very large-scale neighborhood search
A Survey of Very Large-Scale Neighboorhood Search
Varun Prasad RB
3 Weighted digraphs and tropical cones Enrico Bortoletto NL
4 Fast Integer Programming in Fixed Dimension/
Integer Programming and Algorithmic Geometry of Numbers
Piotr Rutkowski NL
5 Projected Newton methods and optimization of multicommodity flows Felix Merz RB
6 A Combinatorial Algorithm for the Multi-commodity Flow Problem Adrian Ottens RB
7 Disjunctive Programming Sibel Erdik RB
8 Exact approaches for solving a covering problem with capacitated subtrees William Surau SS




Name E-Mail Room (in principle)
Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer ZIB 3033
Dr. Niels Lindner ZIB 3007



German Description:

Dieses Seminar ist für Studentinnen und Studenten gedacht, die ihre Masterarbeit im Bereich Ganzzahlige Optimierung schreiben wollen. Es werden weiterführende Themen aus dem Gebiet bearbeitet, die auf eine Masterarbeit vorbereiten sollen.


Zusätzliche Informationen


Das Seminar wird als Blockseminar durchgeführt. Der erste Termin zur Themenvergabe findet statt am Di, 10.11.2020, 12-14, per WebEx (Link).

Die weiteren beiden Termine (Kurzvorträge in der Mitte des Semesters und der eigentliche Seminartermin am Semesterende) werden dort bekannt gegeben.