1. Design of experiments for X-ray tomography
    Two topics available:
    - Paper 1:
    - Paper 2:

  2. Bayesian inversion using alpha-stable priors
    - Paper:

  3. Analytic and Gevrey class regularity for PDE uncertainty quantification
    - Paper:
    Note that this topic can be divided into a theoretical part and a numerical part, which can be studied separately.

  4. Well-posedness of Bayesian inverse problems:

  5. (Bayesian) Probabilistic numerical methods

    main paper:


  6. Kernel Stein Discrepancy and Stein Variational Gradient Descent

  7. Diffusion models (taken by Charlotte, literature will come soon)

  8. Particle methods for design of experiment
  9. Bayesian optimization with discrete variables
  10. Bayesian optimization in high dimensions