The seminar “Discrete Geometry 2” is a continuation of the BMS Course “Discrete Geometry 2”. In this seminar we will cover the following topics:
— Mixed volumes
— Valuations
— The Brunn-Minkowski inequality
— Symmetrization 
— Problems of Minkowski and Weyl
— Approximation of Convex Bodies and its applications
— Special Convex bodies
— The space of Convex Bodies
The main source for the seminar will the the book “Convex and Discrete Geometry” by Peter Gruber. The first meeting of the seminar will be in the week between 13-17 November with a lecture on “Mixed  volumes” by Pavle Blagojevic. The seminar is coordinated by Pavle Blagojevic and Matthias Schymura. For further information please write to and/or

-- this seminar will mostly take place in English --