Various objects central to the characterisation and analysis of possibly complex dynamical systems cannot be computed with pen and paper, and need to be approximated numerically. They include chaotic attractors, fractals, Lyapunov exponents, basins of attraction, bifurcation diagrams, and persistent modes, just to name a few. In this seminar we are going to review such topics by discussing key notions of the corresponding theory that are then applied to celebrated examples such as the Lorenz attractor or the Feigenbaum diagram, involving numerical linear algebra and methods for differential equations.


For topic allocation for a presentation early in the semester, please contact the lecturers well ahead of time.

Times:  Thu 16:00 - 17:30


To pass,

  • each participant needs to present a detailed concept of his/her talk at least 10 days prior to their scheduled talk (recommended even earlier);
  • each participant gives a talk of his/her allocated topic,
  • each participant moderates one other talk; and
  • each participant needs to submit a written summary of his/her topic, approx. 4 pages (per student).