Welcome to the seminar on selected topics in AI & ML


The seminar's goal it the independent research of a scientific topic based on some publications and a high-quality presentation of the topic in both written (report) and spoken forms (presentation and Q&A sessions).

The seminar is dedicated to the discussion of selected topics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Each semester the focus is on a different topic, for example, specific learning tasks and methods, learning for different data types, modern data challenges, etc.


The focus for SoSe22 is on (deep) generative models.



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The seminar is  strongly recommended for Master's students. Successful participation in some machine learning/deep learning/artificial intelligence or similar class.



  • Wednesdays 12:00-14:00, Takustr. 9, SR006.
  • Kick-off meeting on 27/04/2022.

The seminar consists of a few class-wide meetings and other student-mentor meetings.

The class-wide meetings are planned as in-person events, subject to FUB regulations regarding the Coranavirus pandemic.

The student-mentor meetings need to be arranged with your mentor.