Welcome to the AIML software project

The goal is gaining hands-on experience on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning methods and algorithms in the context of a semester-long team project.

The projects fall into two categories:

  • Academic projects which are typically based on some published papers. The goal is to reproduce the authors results with some extensions and application to new datasets.
  • Application-specific projects referring to the analysis of interesting datasets from different application domains.

A list of projects to select from will be provided in the first meeting.





Required Knowledge

The project is  strongly recommended for Master's students. You should have successfully participated in some machine learning/deep learning/artificial intelligence or similar class. Since the course focuses on practical skills, strong programming skills are required.



  • Thursdays 14:00-16:00, T9/051 Seminarraum
  • Kick-off meeting on 28/04/2022.

The seminar consists of a few class-wide meetings and other group-mentor meetings.

The class-wide meetings are planned as in-person events, subject to FUB regulations regarding the Coranavirus pandemic.

The group-mentor meetings need to be arranged with the mentor.