Seminar "Combinatorial Optimization Classics"

The seminar deals with classical topics in combinatorial optimization, which have not or just briefly been discussed in the lectures Discrete Mathematics I-III or Traffic Optimization. The main focus is on more in-depth literature about network flows, matchings, matroids, Hamiltonian circuits, and TSP. We will discuss classical research works as well as newer developments.

The seminar is organized as a block seminar, possibly online. The main communication channel is the Whiteboard system at FU, which can also be used with TU and HU accounts. The list of papers will be announced on the Whiteboard homepage of the course at the beginning of the summer term.


  • first meeting (introduction and topic assignment): Tuesday, April 26, 14 c.t., Arnimallee 6, SR 032
  • second meeting (kick-off talks): Tuesday, June 7, 14 c.t., Arnimallee 6, SR 032
  • summary deadline: Sunday, July 3, midnight
  • third meeting (final presentations): Monday, July 25 and Wednesday, July 27, 9 c.t., ZIB, Lecture Hall

We recommend basic knowledge of discrete mathematics/optimization.

At the second meeting, you are supposed to give a short presentation (max. 5 minutes) about your topic.

Writing a report in professional LaTeX quality (about 5 pages) summarizing the main contents of your talk is mandatory for successful participation. The reports should include a literature survey containing at least a forward and backward search. The report has to be submitted before the talk (date TBA). At least one weak before the final presentations, you will receive feedback on your report.

The final presentations should take about 45 minutes plus time for questions. Participating at all days of the block seminar (i.e., attending all talks) and submitting the summary in time is necessary for passing the seminar.

The final grade is composed of the talk (60%) and the written report (40%).



List of topics and assignment

Full text papers: see Resources

Schedule for the block seminar on July 25 and 27


Contact and Advisors

  Name E-Mail Room
RB Prof. Dr. Ralf Borndörfer ZIB 3033
NL Dr. Niels Lindner ZIB 3007
EB Enrico Bortoletto ZIB
FL Fabian Löbel ZIB
PM Pedro Maristany de las Casas ZIB
AT Alexander Tesch ZIB