Lecture Format and Practice Seminar:

The lectures and practice seminars on semiconductor physics in the winter semester 2020/21 will be carried out online. The following procedure is planned:

  • Prior to each lecture I will upload the lecture notes (pdf) to the whiteboard system (KVV), starting from the second lecture. Please have a look at the lecture notes before we discuss the contents in the corresponding lecture.

  • In the lecture time slots (Mon 10-12), I am planning to hold an "online lecture" using Webex. During this lecture we will briefly go through the respective lecture notes together. The main part of the online lecture is intended to be used for discussion and clarification of questions. In particular during the practice seminar we will also discuss experiments and, if possible, "conduct" them online.

  • Since you probably have to spend more time preparing the online lectures as compared to conventional lectures, the online lectures will be shorter than 90 minutes (probably around 60 minutes). We will discuss about details on this during the first online lecture on 02 Nov.

  • The practice seminars (Wed 10-12, every second week, starting on 11 Nov) will be organised as online events via Webex as well.

  • The exercise sheets will be available in the whiteboard system. You do not have to submit any solutions in advance, but you are expected to present your solutions during the practice seminars from time to time.

I am happy to talk about deviations from the proposed format of the lecture and the accompanying seminar. For this purpose (and to clarify other questions you might have) I have set up a chat room at
If you have problems getting acces to the chat room, please send me an email.

Contents of the Course:

This course provides a general overview about the electrical and optical properties of semiconductors and their application in devices such as diodes, solar cells and transistors. The following topics will be covered:

  • Elementary Properties of Semiconductors
  • Crystal Structure
  • Energy Bands
  • Semiconductor Statistics
  • Charge Transport
  • Excitations and Optical Properties
  • Contacts and Interfaces
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Amorphous Inorganic Semiconductors
  • Organic Semiconductors


  • S.M. Sze: "Physics of Semiconductor Devices" (2nd Edition, Wiley, 1981)
  • Karlheinz Seeger: "Semiconductor Physics" (9th Edition, Springer, 2004)
  • Peter Y. Yu, Manuel Cardona: "Fundamentals of Semiconductors" (4th Edition, Springer, 2010)
  • A.J. Heeger, N.S. Sariciftci, E.B. Namdas: "Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers" (Oxford University Press, 2010)