From:Robert Bittl
Date:Apr 21, 2020 12:32 pm
Subject:Course Information

Update 21.04.2020

If you have missed the first lecture on Monday 20.04.2020, but are interested in the course, please register in mycampus/Whiteboard/KVV. I'll send an invitation to the Webex course site then!

Robert Bittl


Dear students interested in the ”Coherent Spectroscopy" course:

Before going into the specifics of the way the course is taught during the Covid-19 restrictions, I would like to point out the aims of the class. It addresses as well students interested in modern spectroscopy as in quantum information processing. After reviewing basic concepts of light-matter interaction, two-level quantum mechanics will be discussed in detail. The dynamics of a two-level system will be studied in the Bloch sphere representation and using product operator formalism to understand pulse sequences in coherent laser spectroscopy, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and general qubit manipulation.

This term the course will be held in an "inverted classroom" style. We will meet on Monday, April 20 at 10 am via Webex. All registered students will receive by Monday morning an invitation to join the course Webex site. This is possible either by the Cisco Webex Apps available for different platforms (unfortunately not for Linux) or directly via browser. 

The idea for the course format is to roughly invert the proportions of your workload for the "presence" part - usually the lectures, now the Webex meetings - and your "home study" part - usually working through your notes taken at the lecture, literature etc., now studying the provided (typeset) script, literature etc. in preparation for discussion in the class. Therefore, the Webex discussion meetings of all participants together should be significant shorter than the scheduled 2 hours, but I will be available during the full time for individual discussion and we will determine the best format for this exchange during the first weeks.

The lecture material (mainscript pages) will be uploaded in parts very Monday and Thursdays afternoon, roughly covering the typical amount presented in the regular course format at the blackboard during a two hour lecture, and will be discussed during the following Webex meeting on Thursday and Monday, respectively. You are expected to study the provided material to be able to participate in a discussion and show your understanding, but also to help you to better understand those parts where problems occurred.

Looking forward to meeting you on Monday, 20.04.

Robert Bittl